Why I Stopped Sampling

30 Oct

A few months ago I came across a blog post from Alkota where he gave some reasons he stopped sampling, and I felt compelled to write this and give my reasons as well.

Creative Freedom:

Over the past year I’ve stopped sampling as much as I have in the previous years. That’s not to say I’ve stopped entirely, but it’s no longer the majority of my production. One of the main reasons why I prefer creating original beats is the creative freedom it allows. Creating whole beats from scratch just gives me the ability to do exactly what I want to do with a beat, not what will work with the sample. Though sometimes that method is entertaining as well.


Sense of Accomplishment:

I enjoy making original beats because, for me creating beats from scratch gives me more of a sense of accomplishment or pride in my work. There’s a certain feeling I can only get when I finish a beat knowing I fully composed 100% of it. As an example, sampling to me is like a cartoonist starting a drawing with the character already traced out and then building upon it. Using that same example, fully composing a beat from scratch is like a cartoonist starting out with a blank canvas, using only his or her own imagination and skill.


Legal Hassle:

It’s a great feeling of relief when you don’t have to worry about – as many – legal issues, should somebody want to use your beat on the radio or other various places. I’m fairly certain a lot of producers, myself included, won’t have to worry about being sued over sample clearance issues. With that being said, it usually is still something most producer have to concern themselves with anytime they sell a beat, license a beat, and/or go to get their project replicated. In most of these instances the artist and/or business will want you to disclose all of the samples used and want written proof of clearance — duplication and replication companies especially. If you fail to disclose any information about songs being sampled, don’t have proper written consent, and they believe you have uncleared samples; they will mostly likely cancel the work contract.


What are your thoughts on sampling? Have you stopped sampling and started making more original beats?



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