Why I Stopped Sampling

30 Oct

A few months ago I came across a blog post from Alkota where he gave some reasons he stopped sampling, and I felt compelled to write this and give my reasons as well. Creative Freedom: Over the past year I’ve stopped sampling as much as I have in the previous years. That’s not to say […]

Do You Have Any Cassettes Still?

26 Feb

This morning I thought I would take some time to go through a few of my old cassette mixes. After a short amount of time I became entranced and lost all track of time. The flood of memories of my middle school years came rushing back. I knew I had most likely forgotten the names […]

My Favorite Twitter Clients for iOS

2 Oct

You might be thinking, “It’s just Twitter. Aren’t all clients the same?” or maybe “What’s wrong with the official Twitter for iPhone app?” So let me get right into the reviews and let you know why I chose these particular apps over the numerous Twitter clients available for iOS.

Is Spotify Worth It?

2 Sep

Have you been curious to try out Spotify? Hopefully my review will let you decide why you may, or may not, want to check out Spotify.

Magic Trax – MagicTrax.net Vol. 1

25 May

This is a collection of beats available on the site, but packaged in this download. Share it, pass the word along, and thank you for the support.

Otayo Dubb & Poundaproblem Present: MPC Vol 6

21 Apr

Do yourself a favor and check this out. This is the 6th volume in this series. Basically some dope producers and mcs from across the globe got together, with nothing else in mind, other than making some good music. They definitely succeeded.

FBI Releases Documents on Biggies Murder

6 Apr

I never fully believed any of the rumors about there being a conspiracy, but their own report shows it. Then they wonder why people don’t trust them. No real surprise why the cases never got solved.

Mac Miller – Best Day Ever

18 Mar

This mixtape has basically been on repeat for the past two days on my iTunes. Mac Miller dropped another dope mixtape, which isn’t much surprise if you heard his last mixtape “K.I.D.S.”

Jailbreak the Apple TV

18 Mar

Ever wondered if you could Jailbreak your Apple TV? Well, watch this video to see how it’s done.

iPad 2 Announced

2 Mar

Incase you missed it, the iPad 2 was announced and set for orders March 11th.