My Favorite Twitter Clients for iOS

2 Oct

You might be thinking, “It’s just Twitter. Aren’t all clients the same?” or maybe “What’s wrong with the official Twitter for iPhone app?” So let me get right into the reviews and let you know why I chose these particular apps over the numerous Twitter clients available for iOS.

Echofon Pro:

Echofon ProTo clarify, only difference between Echofon and its Pro counterpart is in-app ads, so if price is a consideration it’s important to note there’s no special features in the upgrade.

One of the main things I like about Echofon Pro is the trending topic descriptions, handy because if like me, you get confused trying to keep up with trending topics, this feature eliminates the frustration by giving a brief description about what the trending topic is about, courtesy of

Another feature I really like is the custom support, which allows you to monitor shortened link analytics (handy if you are trying to increase your marketing revenue).The main reason why I like having the support, besides the stats, is that I’m able to use my pro account and use my custom short url. The next thing I like about Echofon Pro, is that it supports both the older and newer retweet styles.

This is superior to the official Twitter app retweet style due to the removal of the pesky ” ” to the start and end of the tweet. A minor detail, but if you retweet multiple times a day like I do this can get on your nerves quickly.

Lastly, I really like that Echofon Pro allows tiny viewable thumbnail photo previews in the timeline. Rather than clicking on a photo with only a vague sense of whether it will interest me, this allows for a much quicker and more intuitive photo viewing experience.


TweetbotWhile relatively new, I think Tweetbot is the best twitter app I’ve ever tried so far. I really like the company behind Tweetbot as well. A majority of the features requested by customers have been implemented throughout the updates and that shows that they are receptive to user feedback, a rarity it seems in many popular iPhone apps.

Similar to Echofon Pro, Tweetbot supports old and new retweet styles and the custom support. Another feature Tweetbot and Echofon Pro share that I really find useful is Read it Later. Read it Later is great if, for example, you find a tweet with a link that you would like to read, but don’t have or want to take the time to read it at that particular moment, you can mark it and read it later. This is easily one of my favorite often overlooked features of Tweetbot and Echofon Pro.

Echofon Pro and the official Twitter app are both great apps, but what I believe separates Tweetbot is they have made intuitiveness paramount with their UI. Tweetbot UI is sleek, clean, modern, very easy on the eyes, and extremely efficient. Tweetbot has some of the best shortcuts I’ve found in a twitter client on iOS yet. If you swipe on a tweet to the right it will show you the conversation and if you swipe to the left it will show you all of the replies to that particular tweet. If you double tap a tweet it will open the detailed tweet menu, but you can also set a triple tap shortcut to, for example, reply to a tweet. You can also tap “Timeline” and set your main timeline view to one of your custom lists instead.

Conclusion: I don’t think you can go wrong with either of these apps. If you have Echofon/Echofon Pro and are looking for something different, give Tweetbot a try. I seriously doubt that you’ll regret it at all. If you do try out Tweetbot or have tried it before write a comment about your experience with it. If you are or aren’t using either of these apps, what’s your favorite Twitter app for iOS and why is that app your favorite?