Recording Your Own Samples

24 Jul

I wanted to add something most beginners and a few more experienced producers might not have thought of, recording your own samples. (more…)

Double Tempo/Time

13 Jul

This is a fairly simple technique, but still extremely useful for certain kinds of production styles. This is essentially doubling your quantize resolution so you have more room to work with, or, so your production will have more of a live performance feel. (more…)

Using Reason as a Virtual MPC

3 Jul

Have you ever wanted to use Reason more like an MPC? Well, with a few steps you can use Dr.Rex in Reason like the MPC mono pad function. (more…)

Hi-Hat Variation: Spice Things Up a Little

3 Jul

A friend of mine had an interesting trick he wanted to share and I found pretty interesting myself. So for the first time we have a guest blog post. Hope you find it helpful. (more…)

How to Get MPC Swing with Reason

28 Jun

Ever wanted MPC type swing with Reason? Well your in luck. With a few easy steps you’ll have that nice MPC swing in Reason. (more…)

7 Ways to Chop Samples

21 Jun

I know everyone probably has their favorite ways to chop samples, but theses are the 7 most popular ways to chops samples I’ve seen or heard of so far. (more…)

Old School Sampling Trick

16 Jun

Something new I’ll be doing. Giving out some production tips, tricks and techniques. Most of you might know most of these tricks, but for some of the beginners it might be helpful and I’m all for helping out cause I was once in your position. Anyways on to the trick. (more…)