Is Spotify Worth It?

2 Sep

Have you been curious to try out Spotify? Hopefully my review will let you decide why you may, or may not, want to check out Spotify.

Spotify Logo

Having used Spotify for a few weeks now I can say it’s definitely an interesting concept and service, but my main fault with it is the lack of music. Now I know you’re probably thinking “But there’s tons of music on spotify.” I agree to a point. On several occasions I’ve searched for very well known, globally recognized groups, only to find that none of their music was even on Spotify, let alone even one single.

My other complaint is, on many occasions, I’ve searched for certain albums only to discover that they only have the clean versions available. While that’s a slight annoyance, it makes me not want to listen to the album. Also anybody who’s been around long enough knows, a lot of the time, with hip-hop especially, the clean album versions will leave off whole songs altogether.


Although this service is missing some artists and albums, it’s still an excellent resource for legally listening to music. I do still prefer to own the music in the end. So I find this a great way to fully preview most albums before purchasing them elsewhere. I would say it is definitely worth paying for in the end if you listen to a lot of different music.

Do you think Spotify is worth it for you? Have you already been using Spotify? Drop a comment on your experiences with Spotify.