Thoughts on the New Twitter

29 Sep

If you’ve been on twitter recently you’ve probably heard and/or seen this whole new Twitter buzz. Well, after using it for a few hours here’s my thought on it.

New Twitter Review

It’s a more streamlined layout for sure, but it’s doing way too much. I find it annoying that it now doesn’t show who retweeted you, unless it was an @ mention. Also some things I still find easier on apps such as Echofon, Twitterific, Tweetdeck, and Tweetie. Those apps are just far easier to navigate, and most have Twitlonger,, tinyurl, Twitpic, and other various services built in. That’s one thing the new Twitter layout still doesn’t offer, which is a huge drawback. Another thing is, most of those apps already let you do what the new Twitter layout does(preview videos, photos, semi profile views, and etc).

In conclusion, the new Twitter layout is useful, but if you already have a desktop or phone Twitter app, you aren’t gaining much of anything with this new Twitter layout update. I’ll still be using Echofon as my app of choice, as I still find it easier and more useful.

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EDIT: It appears that they fixed the retweet setup so you can now see who retweeted you. I still think the new layout looks a little sloppy, but it’s usable now.